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What is this?

I built this theme to solve the problem I had, wherein I managed several different websites that used templates that were similar, but not 100% identical. Specifically, I needed to solve:

  1. Whenever I added a tweak to one template, deploying the changes to the other teplates in a safe and sane manner, and

  2. Dealing with the fact that the styles on different websites were similar, but not 100% identical.

So I wrote this tool. I can make changes on one site, and then simply check out the changes on the other websites. Additionally, I can deploy an arbitrary template on any installation, so I can make changes to the style for any website from any checked out copy. That simplfies things for me somewhat.

Installation and usage

  1. Make sure you have this file (and the others) in a directory under DOCROOT/site/all/templates/

  2. Run the script bin/ (site name). As of this writing, valid sitenames are "pa-furry" and "saveardmore". That will create symlinks to the appropriate files.

  3. Go to /admin/build/themes in Drupal. The template you just deployed should be there.

I admit that this is a bit convuluted, but it does help me share code between the different sites that I manage, which is a huge timesaver when developing new features.


  • Support for numerous social networks in user profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)

  • Support for several instant messenger protocols in user profiles (AIM, YIM, Google Chat, etc.)

  • Support for the Author Pane template in the Advanced Forums module

Sites this is used on

If you have any questions about this project, don't hesitate to call on me. My contact info can be found on the web at: