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What is this?

This Drupal 6 module contains tools that I put together for some Drupal-powered sites that I manage.

Current feature list

  • A command-line script for backing up an entire Drupal installation. (bin/backup.php)
  • Auditing of changed Drupal-wide variables between cron runs. (To determine if another site admin changed anything)
  • Auditing of this module being enabled/disabled (to see if admins are trying to bypass it)
  • Auditing of changes made to published/promoted/sticky/comments status on any node. (see what posts other admins are removing)
  • Auditing of changes made to comments (see if other admins are removing comments)
  • Auditing of changes made to any user's active/blocked status (see if other admins are blocking users)
  • Integration with Drupal's Flag module. This module logs whenever a node or comment is flagged or unflagged.
  • Integration with Drupal's Privatemsg module. This module logs whenever a private message is created or read.

Anti-abuse tools:

  • See what IPs a user or a list of users came from
  • See what users came from a given IP (helpful for spotting sockpuppets)
  • Search chats from the Chat Room module ( to investigate and verify claims of abuse, harassment, and/or spam.

Where can it be found?

This module is currently deployed on,, and

Where can this module be downloaded form?

It's on GitHub at:

More Tools

I also wrote a Drupal Template with social networking support:

Questions? Comments?

Let me know!