Real-time dashboards, graphs, and analytics for Philadelphia's Regional Rail train system.
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Septa Stats

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This is a Splunk app which downloads Regional Rail train stats from SEPTA's public API once per minute and contains dashboards and reports for visualizing that data.

Installation Instructions

  • Clone this repo into $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/
    • If on a production instance:
      • cd /var/splunk/etc/apps && git clone
    • If on a Vagrant instance
      • Do nothing, you already have the code.
  • Install timewrap
  • Restart Splunk
    • /var/splunk/bin/splunk restart

At this point, the app will begin gathering statistics via SEPTA's Train API.

To Serve This App Over the web

Set up your webserver of choice and point the DocumentRoot to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/septa-analytics/htdocs/.


  • PHP. 5.5 or higher should work. (The Slim Microframework is included)
  • Redis. This is used for caching the results from queries made on the back end.
  • A running Splunk instance. :-) A free/trial copy can be obtained at

FAQ: Why is Composer's vendor/ directory included?

I'm a huge fan of reproducable builds, and I'm a little concerned about the possibility of things like this happening, which can cause both large amounts of breakage and application build failures.

That said, I've been having some conversations with folks on r/PHP and other places, and while they acknowledged that my concern is legitimate, the risk is very low, and including vendor/ just adds so much more noise to code reviews. That's a valid point, and I am reconsidering my decision to include the vendor/ directory. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel strongly one way or the other on this issue.

Additional Questions?

More Questions? Please email me at,, or open an issue here.