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Welcome to the Fivestar Stats Drupal module!

What Is This?

I wrote this module to scratch an itch of mine: I wanted a way to get voting stats, and also to catch abuses of the voting system (a single user consistently voting down another user, etc.)


  • Gets total vote stats, including the average rating
  • Tells what IP addresses:
    • Are top voters
    • Are top 1-star voters (to catch abuse)
    • Have the lowest vote average. (generally mean people)
  • Tells what users:
    • Have the highest average rating
    • Have the lowest average rating
    • Have had the most 1-star votes cast against them (to catch abuse)

Things it does not do

  • User ratings. I may implment that some day.
  • Configuration via the web UI. Right now, the number of top users/votes/etc. are hard coded.

Where can this module be downloaded form?

It's on GitHub at:

Who I am

My name is Douglas Muth, but please call me Doug. I've been programming professionally for about 11 years and have written several other Drupal modules. I live in Ardmore, PA and work in Center City Philadelphia.

My website, in all its monochrome glory, is at:

Contact info for me can be found at: