Apache Stats Log Reviser


Apache Log Rev


Apache Log Revision is a command line tool that generate stats reports for your Apache Access Log files. It provides Request Status Pie Chart, Bytes Percent Bar Chart, Country Percent Pie Chart, Day Based History Bar Chart among other Apache Acces Log based charts.

For Country Based Charts, you must use the GeoLiteCity.dat country database from Max Mind GeoIP software.


What's in the Archive?

This archive contains a Haskell Cabal package, so you can download it and install it using the cabal command.

Install Instructions

tar xzvf logrev.tar.gz
cd logrev
cabal install

Build (Only Build) And Test Instructions

tar xzvf logrev.tar.gz
cd logrev
cabal clean
cabal configure
cabal build
./dist/build/logrev/logrev --input=/var/log/apache2/any_access_log.log --output=report


Command Help

logrev --help

  -i FILE  --input=FILE   input file
  -o FILE  --output=FILE  output file
  -g FILE  --geo=FILE     GeoIP database file
  -v       --verbose      verbose output
  -V       --version      displays program version
  -h       --help         displays this message


Contributions are always welcome, please follow these steps to submit your changes:

  1. Install git from http://git-scm.com/
  2. Create a github account on https://github.com
  3. Set up your git ssh key using these instructions http://help.github.com/set-up-git-redirect
  4. Open the Apache Log Rev project home page on github on https://github.com/dmw/ApacheLogRev.git
  5. Click the "Fork" button, this will get you to a new page: your own copy of the code.
  6. Copy the SSH URL at the top of the page and clone the repository on your local machine
  7. The oficial "development" branch is "devel", so you should place your pull requests there.
git clone git@github.com:dmw/ApacheLogRev.git logrev
  1. Create a branch and switch to it
cd logrev
git branch my-logrev-branch
git checkout my-logrev-branch
  1. Apply your changes, then commit using a meaningful comment, that's the comment everybody will see!
git add .
git commit -m "Fixing issue 666, bleh bleh bender bleh"
  1. Push the changes back to github (under a different branch, here myfeature-patch)
git push origin my-logrev-branch
  1. Open your forked repository on github at https://github.com/your-username/ApacheLogRev.git
  2. Click "Switch Branches" and select your branch (my-logrev-branch)
  3. Click "Pull Request"
  4. Submit your pull request to ApacheLogRev Developers


Country Percentage Report

Request Status Percentage Report


We offer limited support at http://coder.cl/products/logrev/


Licensed under the BSD3 License


Copyright(c) 2012 Daniel Molina Wegener http://coder.cl/