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- Write unitary test cases for implemented functions.
- Document implemented functions.
- Every unit test case must be tested under valgrind and correct errors or
report them through the mailing list.
Implement the Next Features:
- Implement lock-free, wait-free and try to implement new non-blocking
concurrency algorithms.
- Implement lock based concurrency algorithms.
- Implement concurrency tools for thread pool and process pool.
- Integrate concurrency tools with states machines.
- Link concurrency tools, thread pool, process pool and state
- Write unit tests for networking support.
- Write unit tests for concurrency integration.
- Enhance networking support.
- Add support for netgraph under *BSD, and search similar
support under Linux.
- Implement trees: avl-tree, rb-tree, b-tree (persistent).
- Integrate other regular expression libraries into caffeine:
GNU RX and native freebsd regex library.
Enough for today...
On the way:
- The caffeine design will be published in a near date.
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