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A command-line aggregator for sites that don't provide RSS
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A simple system for aggregating new stuff from websites that don't provide RSS feeds, complete with command-line reader and web interface. Logs new items to a SQLite3 database. Includes plugins for Twitter and Instagram.

... but why?

Social media is cancer but unfortunately there is also some nice retrocomputing, Python, and other geek stuff flying through it. I want the good stuff without a mobile app (or worse, a mobile app's crappy website--with popups!) controlling how I consume it.

Plus, I don't want to sign up for an account on any of these services. I just want new links once or twice a day, on the command line, with no distractions.

Rage against the social media machine. Bring back the decentralized web!


  • pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt
  • edit scan.conf
  • chmod +x fakerss
  • ./fakerss


  • Retweets are not attributed to their original author. Oh well. Twitter is mostly garbage anyway, right?


Please see

Version History

  • 17-Apr-2019 - v0.20 - First public release
  • 25-Dec-2016 - v0.01 - First working version


In Action

$ ./fakerss

Loading plugin:twitter
foone - 2019-04-17 17:55:30
    but some smartsases figured out it was cheaper to buy an old one
    from the 80s (because Model M keyboards do not die) and rip out
    the controller board and stuff in a replacement. Bam, you've got a
    Model M on your macbook and it's only like 50$!
a2_4am - 2019-04-17 15:01:34
    Then there was the whole thing where bit copier developers were so
    scared of being sued and/or arrested that Locksmith 1–4 embedded
    your serial number in every copy it produced so they could assist
    in investigating piracy. (No one ever asked.)
a2_4am - 2019-04-16 15:35:48
    You're not out of bytes until qkumba says you're out of bytes.
Loading plugin:instagram
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