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vkuznet commented Feb 28, 2014

Please take changes for wmagent deployment scripts which includes support for BigCouch. The separate bigcouch directory contains BigCouch configuration templates.

vkuznet added some commits Feb 19, 2014
@vkuznet vkuznet Changes for BigCouch support within WMAgent b119d04
@vkuznet vkuznet Change permissions 5878585
@vkuznet vkuznet Remove bigcouch deploy/manage/monitoring.ini scripts since we'll mana…
…ge this within wmagent
@vkuznet vkuznet Add status-bigcouch action 985614d
@vkuznet vkuznet Add definition of echo_e 40224f0
@vkuznet vkuznet Remove colors; adjust bigcouch actions a83a12f
@vkuznet vkuznet Fix port assingment (bigcouch will use 1XXXX ports) c97d6ce
@vkuznet vkuznet Adjust manage script to be consistent to master branch 8e1565d
@vkuznet vkuznet Fix CERT_FILE issue 18b010e
@vkuznet vkuznet Create certs area f03dfbd
@vkuznet vkuznet When grep COUCH_ vars be careful since we can match BIGCOUCH_ ones, c…
…hanged COUCH_ to ^COUCH_; remove mkdir certs statements; add setting action
@vkuznet vkuznet Add curl call to get BigCouch response 2a14213
@vkuznet vkuznet Turn on bind_address 5bc3dfb
@vkuznet vkuznet Fixes for project_root area 98be257
@vkuznet vkuznet Remove post-dirs after project_root 612c1f1
@vkuznet vkuznet Add create_bigcouch_dbs action 36b980c
@vkuznet vkuznet Add load_secrets_file into bigcouch actions eac7ef4
@vkuznet vkuznet Export BIGCOUCH_ROOT 237c20e
@vkuznet vkuznet Source bigcouch env 810280b
@vkuznet vkuznet Check BigCouch attributes and swap with Couch ones if they're available 78f0977
@vkuznet vkuznet Add couch_mgr wrappers to start/stop either bigcouch or couch based o…
…n provided set of configuration parameters
@vkuznet vkuznet Fix start/stop_couch_mgr and fix BC message 3cf249a
@vkuznet vkuznet Fix if condition which check BC port f0c1176
@vkuznet vkuznet Remove for time being WMAgentConfig.py and manage_reorg from this PR 57737ed
ticoann commented Feb 28, 2014

@vkuznet, thanks Valentin, could you merge the commit to one commit?

@vkuznet vkuznet referenced this pull request Mar 1, 2014

Add BigCouch support #117

vkuznet commented Mar 1, 2014

You may discard this PR in favor of #117 which contains all changes as single commit.

hufnagel commented Mar 1, 2014

Why don't you just rebase the branch and collapse the commits into one ? Pull requests against the branch will be automatically updated. Easier than making a new pull requests and closing the old one. Too late for this one, but for next time.

ticoann commented Mar 1, 2014

new request was made

@ticoann ticoann closed this Mar 1, 2014
ticoann commented Mar 1, 2014

FYI. It is my fault, I asked Valentin to make new pull request.

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