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Bash/Zsh completion scripts for Elm binary and tools
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Bash/Zsh completion script for Elm binary and tools

Supported tools


To install, there are two options:

  • using /etc/bash_completion.d
  • using .bashrc

Whatever the method, be sure that the script is sourced after potential $PATH settings that allow to find the elm command as the completion script needs to be able to run elm --version.

It might be easier using .bashrc if you install elm using npm.

1. Add the file in /etc/bash_completion.d/ if it exists on your system:

sudo curl -o /etc/bash_completion.d/elm

2. Source the file from your ~/.bashrc

For example:

mkdir -p ~/.bash
cd ~/.bash
git clone
echo 'source ~/.bash/elm-sh-completion/' >> ~/.bashrc


  • Packages are also matched from partial match, so you can complete packages by using the package name or part of it, for example:
elm ins[TAB]
elm install regex[TAB]
elm install elm/regex

If there are several matches, the common prefix of all matches will be completed.

  • Packages are auto-completed from the local cache for efficiency, so packages that have never been installed are not completed.
  • Zsh completion uses bashcompinit.
  • Cygwin is theorically supported, but this has not been tested yet.
  • elm-json comes with its own auto-generated completion scripts for bash, zsh and fish.
    See elm-json completions --help.
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