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Typeset.js integration for Ghost (plus excerpt enhancements).
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Ghostly Kerning

A simple app (plugin) for the Ghost blogging platform which formats post excerpts and contents using David Merfield's Typeset HTML pre-processor.

The new excerpt-typeset Handlebars helper also contains the following enhancements:

  • Removes the text of headings, blockquotes and <center> tags.
  • Provides truncation according to sentences, in addition to words or characters.

This was made mostly for my personal use, so it's a bit schizo. As I don't use Ghost for my personal website anymore, I'm not going to be updating it. Please hack it up to be more to your liking.


  1. Place the app directory in content/apps/.
  2. Run npm install in the content/apps/ghostly_kerning directory.
  3. Add it to your active apps by appending it to the array in the value field of the activeApps record in the settings. You can do this by access your blog database directly through a SQLite/Postgres client, or by exporting a backup of your blog and editing the JSON.


Replace {{content}} and {{excerpt}} helpers in your theme with {{content_typeset}} and {{excerpt_typeset}}. Optionally, use the sentence truncation feature like so {{excerpt_typeset sentences="4"}} to make your excerpt the first four sentences.

Include typeset.css in your theme and tweak it for your chosen font for full advantage.


  • Find an elegant way of spinning the excerpt features off into their own app that is compatible and not redundant with this one.
  • Split into more files once this issue gets fixed.
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