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PHP class to interface with nike api

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PHP class to interface with nike api

Simply get a Nike API V2 Token - Right now the only way is at until they get there oAuth 2 service working

Include the file


add your token from the Nike Developer Site $token = ''; // Your Token

Create the Class $np = new nikeplusapi($token);

Prep the Browser for print_r echo '<pre>';

Sport will get your sports (see the nike API) print_r($np->sport());

Activities returns all of your activities options include Page and the number of products (see the nike API) print_r($np->activities());

(I spoke to Nike and they are aware that at this time pagination doesn't work - anything over page 0 returns nothing)

Get specifics on a Activity print_r($np->activity(2095521418));

Get GPS data if available on a Activity print_r($np->gps(2095521418));

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