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* Full "screen" mode (hide navigation panels)
* Hide/show controls depending on mode
* Events. Event are not stored in SQLite, only XML in iPhoto 8.1.
* Background setting black-white
* Onscreen keystrokes help
* Long album names wrap into next line - cut names o fit panel
* add CSS for iPhone (whole new sub-project?)
* Navigation in album thumbs mode is inconsistent: click on albums shows
album photo thummbs, click on flders: does nothing.
* Keys navigation in left side panel:
- left/right key on folder should close/expand folder instead on
moving up down
- when folder is highligted in left panel: all abums in the folder
should become selected.
* Slideshow controls: stop, pause, forward, speed selection
* On-screen controls (transparent auto-hide) for slideshows
and "full-screen" mode
* Thumb size
* Next/Prev buttons in albumThumb mode
* Remove ugly references up "../" for all photos and thumbnails. Now
index.html is located in wiphoto/ dir, so need to go upo one
directory for imgage URL. Ugly.
* chmod on directories with photos and all under wiphoto.
When run wiphoto from web server need to set peromititons on
directories, so that wiphoto data and photo files are readable by web
server. This is a secutory issue as need to make all files world
readdable. Need to find better solution.
chmod a+rx -R wiphoto/
chmod a+rx -R Data
chmod a+rx Data
chmod a+rx -R Data
chmod a+rx -R Modified/
* What's the difference between Data and Data.noindex? Din not work on
another installation of iPhoto, where Data wa not directory but file
with path to Data.noindex in it. Fixed by remowing Data.noindex file
and creating symlink.
* Nestes albums [as of v0.2]
* Paging for large albums - photo album with ~500 photos generates
'Slow script' warning. (done 7/12/'09)
* Slide-show - done,
* toggle() (slideshow pause/continue) -- done 7/12/'09