Disqus integration for EPiServer based websites
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Disqus for EPiServer

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Disqus for EPiServer is Disqus platform integration for EPiServer based websites. It consists of several add-ons which enable Disqus comments on pages and provide user interface for configuration.

Please refer documentation on the project page for more information about add-ons installation, discussion settings and how Disqus comments can be added on pages.

Basic installation scenario

  1. Signup on Disqus and choose a shortname for your site
  2. Install add-ons on your site from Visual Studio or Add-on Store UI
  3. Set shortname and enable discussions using Disqus configuration UI
  4. Start adding comments on pages

Usage scenarios

  • Adding comments block on a page (editors)
  • Adding comments as dynamic content (editors, EPiServer 7 only)
  • Displaying comments in specified rendering areas on a page (developers)
  • Using comments block as a content property and rendering it in a template (developers)