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Users, see the main web site to download and install dnGrep.

This is the source code for dnGrep, a great Windows search utility that allows you to search across text files, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, PDFs, and archives using text, regular expression, XPath, and phonetic queries.

Developers, see the development documentation for info, including about the continuous build and release process.

Privacy Policy

This program will not transfer any information to other networked systems unless specifically requested by the user or the person installing or operating it.

The program periodically checks for new versions at, but does not transmit any user information. The version check may be disabled by the user in the dnGrep options.

Code Signing Policy

This program uses free code signing provided by, and a certificate by the SignPath Foundation.

Starting with v3.0, the dnGrep MSI installers and binary files are signed. Code signing is applied only to dnGrep project code in the dnGrep git repository release branch and built on AppVeyor. The dnGrep install kit contains third-party libraries used by dnGrep, which may or may not be signed.


You can translate dnGrep on Hosted Weblate.
You can always add other languages.
Translation status

See Translate dnGrep for more information.