Build consultation forms for community engagement.
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SilverStripe Consultations

Maintainer Contact


  • SilverStripe 3.1
  • SilverStripe GridFieldExtensions
  • SilverStripe UserForms


This module provides a boilerplate setup for publishing online consultations and displaying feedback.

This work has been open sourced from and still opinionated and an early release.


composer require "dnadesign/silverstripe-consultations"


This module provides the models for Consultation. Each consultation can be attached to an engagement form. These submissions can be displayed and graphed.

Forms are built using the SilverStripe UserForm module.

Page Types

This module introduces 3 new page types:

  • Consultation: display a form, optional reports and ranking
  • Consultation category: allow to group consultations
  • Consultation landing page: holds categories and consultation


Consultations can display "reports", a graphic way of displaying data from the form submission. Reports can only be based on EditableMultipleOptionField (e.g DropdownField, RadioField...). To create a report, on a Consultation page , head to the Report tab, create a new report with a title, save, then choose a field to base the report on.

Report Types

Out-of -the-box, you can display report as a doughnut chart (powered by Chart.js You can create new report type by extending ConsultationReportType and implementing:

function render($controller, $data) {}


Comments can include any field from the consultation form. To include a field in a comment, simply tick the option include in comment when creating the field.


  • Create more report types