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In order to build CFEngine you need the following tools and libraries installed:
* C compiler supporting C90 + selected C99 constructs:
- _Bool type
- anonymous aggregates "(MyType) { .foo = 1, .bar = 2 }"
- declarations in "for" loop
- named initializers
- uintmax_t and corresponding printf/scanf formats
The following compilers are known to work:
- gcc >= 3.0
- clang >= 2.6
* GNU make
* OpenSSL library
* PCRE library
* POSIX threads (pthreads) library, if not provided by the operating system
* Tokyo Cabinet or QDBM
* MySQL client library (optional)
* PostgreSQL client library (optional)
* SELinux library (optional)
In order to build CFEngine cloned from git, you will need the
following additional tools:
* GNU Automake >= 1.9.5
* GNU Autoconf >= 2.59
* GNU Libtool >= 1.5.4
* Yacc (note: GNU Bison 2.4.2 has troubles invoking m4)
* Lex
Latest stable versions of the tools and libraries are generally advised.
CFEngine is regularely built and tested on the following operating systems:
* GNU/Linux (many distributions)
* FreeBSD
* NetBSD
* Solaris
CFEngine is regularely built and tested on the following CPU architectures:
* x86
* x86-64
In case you have succesfully compiled CFEngine on a different OS and/or using
different tools or versions of tools, please report it to help-cfengine@ mailing
list[1]. Please consider running a testsuite (see below), and posting results to
mailing list too.
From tarball:
$ ./configure [configure options]
$ make [-jN]
From Subversion checkout:
$ ./ [configure options]
$ make [-jN]
See the available configure options:
$ ./configure --help
$ ./ --help
CFEngine might be installed in two configurations:
* (default) Native CFEngine file layout. Everything is installed in
/var/cfengine layed out as a "secondary FHS root". This layout is designed to
keep CFEngine running even if most of the system is broken (e.g. /usr is not
mounted due to NFS breakage).
* FHS file layout, enabled by --enable-fhs. This layout follows FHS 2.3.
Please refer to the instructions in tests/README file.
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