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Mongoose is easy to use web server. It also can be used as embedded web server library to provide web interface to applications.

Mongoose executable does not depend on any external library or configuration. If it is copied to any directory and launched from there, it starts to serve that directory on port 8080 (so to access files, go to http://localhost:8080). If some additional config is required - for example, different listening port or IP-based access control, then a mongoose.conf file with respective options can be created in the same directory where executable lives. This makes Mongoose perfect for all sorts of demos, quick tests, file sharing, and Web programming.


  • Crossplatform - works on Windows, MacOS and most flavors of UNIX
  • CGI, SSL, SSI, Digest (MD5) authorization, resumed download, aliases
  • IP-based ACL, Windows service, GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE methods
  • Small footprint: executable size is 40 kB on Linux 2.6 i386 system
  • Embeddable with simple and clean API. Source is in single .c file to make things easy. Minimalistic embedding example is in hello.c.
  • Python and C# bindings

Mailing list

You can read it online, subscribe to, or send a message at mongoose-users.

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