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Solarized Changelog

Current release 1.0.0beta2



Switch to the alternative red hue (final and only hue change), included a whole heap of new ports and updates to the existing Vim colorscheme. The list of all currently included ports, highlighted items are new, updates noted:

Editors & IDEs

  • [UPDATED] Vim
  • [NEW] Emacs
  • [NEW] IntelliJ IDEA
  • [NEW] NetBeans
  • [NEW] SeeStyle theme for Coda & SubEthaEdit
  • [NEW] TextMate
  • [NEW] Visual Studio

Terminal Emulators

  • [UPDATED] iTerm2 colorschemes
  • [UPDATED] OS X colors
  • [UPDATED] Xresources colors

Other Applications

  • [UPDATED] Mutt mail client colorschemes


  • [UPDATED] Adobe Photoshop Swatches
  • [UPDATED] Apple Color Picker Palette
  • [UPDATED] Gimp Palette

Critical Changes

These changes may require you to change your configuration.

  • GLOBAL : IMPROVEMENT : New red accent color value Modified red from L*a*b lightness value 45 to 50 to bring it in line with the other accent colors and address bleed into dark background on some displays, as well as reducing shift of red against base03 when viewed with glasses (chromatic aberration). All instances of the colorscheme and palettes updated to new red and avalailable for use/import without further modification. Forks and ports should pull new changes and/or update ported red value accordingly. The new red:

        red #dc322f
  • VIM : CHANGE : Default mode now 16 color Default terminal mode is now 16 colors. Most of the users of terminal mode seem comfortabel and capable changing terminal colors. This is the preferred method of implementing Solarized in Terminal mode. If you wish to instead use the degraded 256 color palette, you may do so with the following line in your .vimrc:

        let g:solarized_termcolors=256

    You no longer need to specify "let g:solarized_termcolors=16" as it is now the default; leaving it in your .vimrc won't hurt anything, however.

  • VIM : IMPROVEMENT : New Toggle Background Plugin Added new Toggle Background plugin. Will load automatically and show up as a menu item in the Window menu in gui vim. Automatically maps to <F5> if available (won't clobber that mapping if you're using it). Also available as a command :ToggleBG. To manually map to something other than <F5>:

    To set your own mapping in your .vimrc file, simply add the following line to support normal, insert and visual mode usage, changing the "<F5>" value to the key or key combination you wish to use:

    call togglebg#map("<F5>")

    Note that you'll want to use a single function key or equivalent if you want the plugin to work in all modes (normal, insert, visual).

  • VIM : IMPROVEMENT : Special & Non-text items now more visible Special characters such as trailing whitespace, tabs, newlines, when displayed using ":set list" can be set to one of three levels depending on your needs.

        let g:solarized_visibility =  "normal"|   "high" or "low"

    I'll be honest: I still prefer low visibility. I like them barely there.
    They show up in lines that are highlighted as by the cursor line, which works for me. If you are with me on this, put the following in your .vimrc:

        let g:solarized_visibility =  "low"

Non Critical Changes

These changes should not impact your usage of the Solarized.

  • PALETTES : IMPROVEMENT : Colorspace tagged and untagged versions Changed default OS X color picker palatte swatches to tagged colors (sRGB) and included alternate palette with untagged color swatches for advanced users (v1.0.0beta1 had untagged as default).

  • VIM : BUGFIX : Better display in, other emulators and other common terminal emulators that report 8 color mode had display issues due to order of synt highlighting definitions and color values specified. These have been conformed and reordered in such a way that there is a more graceful degrading of the Solarized color palette on 8 color terminals. Infact, the experience should be almost identical to gui other than lack of bold typeface.

  • VIM : BUGFIX : Better distinction between status bar and split windows Status bar was previously too similar to the cursor line and window splits.
    This has now been changed significantly to improve the clarity of what is status, cursor line and window separator.

  • VIM : STREAMLINED : Removed simultaneous gui/cterm definitions

  • Refactored solarized.vim to eliminate simultaneous definition of gui and cterm values.

  • VIM : BUGFIX : Removed italicized front in terminal mode Removed default italicized font in terminal mode in the Solarized Vim colorscheme (many terminal emulators display Vim italics as reversed type).
    Italics still used in GUI mode by default and can still be turned off in both modes by setting a variable: let g:solarized_italic=0.


First public release. Included:

  • Adobe Photoshop Swatches
  • Apple Color Picker Palette
  • Gimp Palette
  • iTerm2 colorschemes
  • Mutt mail client colorschemes
  • OS X colors
  • Vim Colorscheme
  • Xresources colors

MODIFIED: 2011 Apr 16