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added should_authorize_for 'macro' for the common controller expectation

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commit 607218097eda8a44a034f293e405189a8e7c56dd 1 parent 8fae9f3
@dnagir authored
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  1. +5 −0
  2. +23 −6 lib/allowy/rspec.rb
@@ -216,6 +216,11 @@ describe PagesController do
it "will always allow no matter what" do
post(:create).should be_success
+ it "checks the authorisation" do
+ should_authorize_for(:create, page)
@dnagir Owner
dnagir added a note

Ideally I'd like to write something like 'allowy.should authorize_for(:create, page)' but not sure how to write a proper matcher.

Matchers are designed to pass/fail immediately, whereas message expectations are designed to pass/fail when they receive an unexpected message or at the end of the example if they never received the expected message. What you're looking for is not really a matcher, but a way to instrument the example with message expectations using matcher-like syntax. If that's what you really want, then just always return true from matches? and always return false from does_not_match? and set the expectations you want within those methods. You're basically breaking the should/matcher contract to do this, so please consider the confusion that will set in in 6 months when this matcher works differently from all other matchers.

Personally I'd probably just wrap the expectations in a normal method. Something like what you have, but named differently. Maybe expect_authorization_request(:create, page) or some such. WDYT?

@dnagir Owner
dnagir added a note

Yeah, thanks. Totally agree. What I really need here is a shortcut for setting a very common expectation.

The reason I choose "should_authorize_for" is that it seems to be inline with RSpec's "should_receive".

But the problem here is that "should_authorize_for" doesn't have an explicit subject unlike "should_receive".

Maybe I should write something like "allowy.should_authorize_for", but then I would have to add a method to RSpec mock object which I'm not sure is a good idea.

So for now settled on "macro" style with "should_autorize_for" until something better will be suggested.
What do you think?

Actually, looking at the code below where should_authorize_for is defined, I wouldn't even wrap this. It's already a one liner, so you're saving very little code, and the things that differ from line to line still differ from line to line.

@dnagir Owner
dnagir added a note

That's true. However in practice writing the expectation allowy.should_receive(:authorize!).with(:edit, page) is a bit harder to write and read than just should_authorize_for(:create, page) (or other similar alternative).

That's the only motive for wrapping it. I don't care exactly what method was called, what I care about is that thing was authorized.
I guess this is more of a philosophical reason than poorly technical if that makes sense to you.

I understand what you're saying, but I have a different philosophy. object.should_receive(:message).with(arg, arg) already means something to me. I don't have to think about it because it's just like any other expectation. So for me it's actually less readable to wrap it because I have to think about what that method does.

@dnagir Owner
dnagir added a note

Ok. I see, that makes sense.
I still like the macro due to its simplicity and probably will keep it.
But will show how to do it with plan RSpec expectation: ac8d4f9.

Thanks a lot for the help, David.

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+ post(:create)
+ end
29 lib/allowy/rspec.rb
@@ -3,11 +3,28 @@
module Allowy
module ControllerAuthorizationMacros
- def ignore_authorization!
- before(:each) do
- registry = double 'Registry'
- registry.stub(:can? => true, :cannot? => false, :authorize! => nil, access_control_for!: registry)
- @controller.stub(:current_allowy).and_return registry
+ extend ActiveSupport::Concern
+ def allowy
+ @controller.current_allowy
+ end
+ def should_authorize_for(*args)
+ allowy.should_receive(:authorize!).with(*args)
+ end
+ def should_not_authorize_for(*args)
+ allowy.should_not_receive(:authorize!).with(*args)
+ end
+ module ClassMethods
+ def ignore_authorization!
+ before(:each) do
+ registry = double 'Registry'
+ registry.stub(:can? => true, :cannot? => false, :authorize! => nil, access_control_for!: registry)
+ @controller.stub(:current_allowy).and_return registry
+ end
@@ -15,6 +32,6 @@ def ignore_authorization!
RSpec.configure do |config|
- config.extend Allowy::ControllerAuthorizationMacros, :type => :controller
+ config.include Allowy::ControllerAuthorizationMacros, :type => :controller

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The related spec is at dc1b3c4

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