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What is Conneccty

The simple and easy to use service for collecting user feedback.


  1. Register and create your project
  2. Insert code provided into your web site.
  3. That is it.

What can I do with it?

Users of a web site can:

  • create suggestions;
  • no any registration required for them (so they are more likely to leave feedback for ya);
  • vote for existing suggestions;

You, as an owner of a web site, can:

  • have multiple projects;
  • have multiple projects within one web site (thus feedback for different areas of the site);
  • use the same project across multiple web sites (so you can accumulate all the feedback in one place);
  • invite users to a project, so more people can moderate it;
  • mark suggestions as 'In-Progress', 'Done' etc, so that users can see how great you are responding to the feedback;
  • copy a suggestion to PivotalTracker as a Story, so that your team can actually start working on it;
  • more features are to come with your help, please leave some feedback for us.

Just show me

If you want to get the feel of it, we host the service at

Run it yourself

gem install rails
git clone
cd connecty
rake db:migrate
rails server

You will also need to configure:


A user must run a modern browser. No specific requirement for a web site to use Connecty. Server running Connecty is Rails 3 compatible with RDBMS.

SSL is required and ssl.crt and ssl.key files should be added manually to shared/ssl.



Who is using?


Supported and sponsored by PropConnect Pty Ltd. Maintened by Dmytrii Nagirniak.