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$ bundle exec guard init rails-assets
+## Configuration for Jasmine
+In order to make it work better with Jasmine it is recommended to explicitly move files precompiled for testing into a separate directory.
+This way it doesn't conflict with any files in `public/assets`.
+This is optional and you can skip it for now.
+Bu if you are in for that, then:
+1. Add the option `config.assets.prefix = 'public/assets-test'` to `config/environments/test.rb` .
+2. Replace all `public/assets` with `public/assets-test` in `spec/javascripts/support/jasmine.yml`.
+3. Add `public/assets*` to your `.gitignore` (if you haven't yet).
## Options
In addition to the guard configuration, `guard-rails-assets` has options to specify when exacly to precompile assets.

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