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It's best to define respond_to_missing instead of respond_to?

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@@ -1389,7 +1389,7 @@ patch them.)
* avoid using `method_missing` for metaprogramming. Backtraces become messy; the behavior is not listed in `#methods`; misspelled method calls might silently work (`nukes.launch_state = false`). Consider using delegation, proxy, or `define_method` instead. If you must, use `method_missing`,
- - be sure to [also define `respond_to?`](
+ - be sure to [also define `respond_to_missing?`](
- only catch methods with a well-defined prefix, such as `find_by_*` -- make your code as assertive as possible.
- call `super` at the end of your statement
- delegate to assertive, non-magical methods:

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