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OBWS - The obws (obvious) remote control library for OBS

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Remote control OBS with the obs-websocket plugin from Rust 🦀.


Add obws to your project with cargo add obws@0.12.0 or add it manually to your Cargo.toml:

obws = "0.12.0"

In addition, you will need to use the latest tokio runtime to use this library as it makes heavy use of async/await and is bound to this runtime.


Here we connect to a OBS instance, get some version information and log in to access the whole API and lastly print out a list of available scenes.

For more usage instructions see the docs or check out the examples.

use anyhow::Result;
use obws::Client;

async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    // Connect to the OBS instance through obs-websocket.
    let client = Client::connect("localhost", 4455, Some("password")).await?;

    // Get and print out version information of OBS and obs-websocket.
    let version = client.general().version().await?;

    // Get a list of available scenes and print them out.
    let scene_list = client.scenes().list().await?;



This project is licensed under MIT License (or