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The DNAnexus API library allows you to create an authenticated session and make API calls on the user's behalf. This library provides a basic API entry point, and manages requests using a jQuery deferred object.

Making a request

To create an API object instance, all you need is an access token. This is a token which provides access to the DNAnexus platform on behalf of a user. See API-Tokens for more information on how to create a token in using the DNAnexus platform. Additionally visit Authentication for detailed information on authenticating with DNAnexus.

See our API Documentation to learn more about making API calls to the DNAnexus platform.


  • jQuery - Any relatively recent version will do. Required features are $.ajax and $.Deferred

DX.Api Documentation

   * Constructs a new DNAnexus API instance
   * authToken: A DNAnexus Authentication token.  See
   * options: An object literal, with additional options for the API binding. [OPTIONAL]
   *   apiServer: The DNAnexus API end point to use. Default: ""
   *   maxAJAXTrials: The number of times to retry a failed AJAX request. Default: 5
   * Returns a new DX.Api object
  constructor: function(authToken, options)

   * Performs an API call - See
   * for available API methods
   * subject: The subject, e.g. "user-bob", "system", etc.
   * method: The action to take on the subject, e.g. "describe", "search", etc.
   * input: An object literal with the input for the API call. [OPTIONAL]
   * options: Additional options for the API call. Not used at time time. [OPTIONAL]
   * Returns a deferred object which will be resolved with the results upon success, or rejected
   * with the error if an error occurs. The deferred object also has an "abort" method which
   * will abort the AJAX call.
  call: function(subject, method, input, options)

Usage example

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="dnanexus-[LATEST].js"></script>
      var api = new DX.Api("AUTH_TOKEN_GOES_HERE");"user-bob", "describe").done(function(userData) {
        alert("user-bob's full name is " + [userData.first, userData.last].join(" "));