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(require 'clojure-mode)
(defvar midje-root nil)
(defvar midje-filename-stash '())
(global-set-key "\^hj" 'midje-visit-source)
(defun midje-root (here)
"Set the root directory that."
(interactive "DProject Root Directory: ")
;; This wants to work in all buffers (or all shell buffers)?
(setq midje-root (expand-file-name here))
(setq midje-filename-stash '()))
(defun clojure-midje-test-for (namespace)
"Returns the path of the test file for the given namespace."
(let* ((namespace (clojure-underscores-for-hyphens namespace))
(path (butlast (split-string namespace "\\.")))
(filename (concat "t_" (car (last (split-string namespace "\\."))))))
(format "%stest/%s.clj"
(locate-dominating-file buffer-file-name "src/"))
(mapconcat 'identity (append path (list filename)) "/"))))
(defun clojure-midje-implementation-for (namespace)
"Returns the path of the src file for the given test namespace."
(let* ((namespace (clojure-underscores-for-hyphens namespace))
(segments (split-string namespace "\\."))
(namespace-end (split-string (car (last segments)) "_"))
(filename (mapconcat 'identity (cdr namespace-end) "_"))
(impl-segments (append (butlast segments 1) (list filename))))
(format "%s/src/%s.clj"
(locate-dominating-file buffer-file-name "src/")
(mapconcat 'identity impl-segments "/"))))
(defun midje-visit-source ()
"If the current line contains text like '../src/program.clj:34', visit
that file in the other window and position point on that line."
(unless midje-root (call-interactively #'midje-root))
(let* ((start-boundary (save-excursion (beginning-of-line) (point)))
(regexp (concat "\\([ \t\n\r\"'([<{]\\|^\\)" ; non file chars or
; effective
; beginning of file
"\\(.+\\.clj\\):\\([0-9]+\\)" ; file.rb:NNN
(matchp (save-excursion
;; if two matches on line, the second is most likely
;; to be useful, so search backward.
(re-search-backward regexp start-boundary t))))
(if matchp
(let ((file (midje-match-part 2))
(line (midje-match-part 3))
(increment (midje-match-part 4)))
(midje-goto file line increment))
(error "No Clojure location on line."))))
(defun midje-reload-filename-stash (dir)
(setq midje-filename-stash
(concat "find "
(shell-quote-argument dir)
" -name "
(shell-quote-argument "*.clj")
" -print "))))
(defun midje-matching-file (file)
(message (concat "Looking for this file: " file))
(let* ((regexp (concat "/" file "$")))
(find-if (lambda (fullpath) (string-match regexp fullpath))
(defun midje-goto (file line increment)
(let ((relevant-file (or (midje-matching-file file)
(midje-reload-filename-stash midje-root)
(midje-matching-file file))))
(message (concat "relevant file is " relevant-file))
(message increment)
(if (not relevant-file)
(error (concat "No Clojure file matches " file))
(find-file-other-window relevant-file)
(goto-line (string-to-int line))
(if increment
(search-forward "=>" nil nil (string-to-int increment)))))
(defun midje-match-part (n)
(if (match-beginning n)
(buffer-substring (match-beginning n) (match-end n))
(provide 'clojure-jump-to-file)
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