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Latest commit b07ba3e Jul 31, 2017

Brackets Extension Rating

Brackets IDE extension to display other extensions statictics based on downloads and GitHub stats.

Brackets extension


Localization support

Right now Extension Rating is translated in English and Italian languages. You can simply add translation to your language. Please read Localization Support ticket and submit translation files in individual pull request.

Patch notes


  • added thematical badges(for javascript, css, html, jade, git and PHP extensions)


  • Extension details are opening in browser window now


  • Ability to sort by themes
  • Show online and maximum users counters for selected extensions
  • Some infrastructure changes


  • Display stars and forks counter from GitHub repository
  • Display authors avatars from GitHub
  • Badges for most popular extension at GitHub
  • Sort extensions by GitHub ratings
  • All badges now have tooltips

Note: all statistics are processed with separate Web Service and that information may be a little outdated by ~1 hour