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readme: updated recommended casing information.

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@@ -74,9 +74,13 @@ necessary hardware for testing)
* [SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC card](
* [Stratux low power SDRs and antennas](
* [6000mAh pass-through charging battery pack](
* Any casing you like with calling fan ([Stratux case]( works as well)
* [3D printable case](
* [RY836AI WAAS enabled GPS with IMU and baro sensor](

**Note:** You can use services like [makexyz]( to print your cases. The most
important thing to remember is to use ABS as printing material and **not** PLA. As later will easily
melt in high temperature conditions.

# Getting started
First, program your SD card using the [latest release image](

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