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@dndx dndx released this Jul 15, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

This is a pre-release that added new features with some improvements:

  • Added simple web interface that will display basic Ownship and GNSS constellation status.
  • Tweaked Ublox GNSS configuration parameters to give Galileo and GPS more tracking channels.
  • Added more GPS information display on startup.

The web interface can be accessed at It is fairly basic as of now, but more feature will be added in the future.

Since Galileo has a much more modern signal and there are fair amount of satellites visible in the North America as of now, we have increased the maximum tracking channel for Galileo from 4 to 14 which is the same as GLONASS. We have also increased the maximum tracking channel for GPS from 16 to 32 (the hardware tracking channel available) so that if WAAS or EGNOS is available, we can still take full advantage of all available hardware tracking channels in the receiver (Ublox can only track GPS satellites if SBAS is active).

Now when Pitot starts up, it will print out the firmware version and hardware tracking channels available in the compatible Ublox receiver. This can be viewed by SSHing into Pitot and run sudo journalctl -u pitot.

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