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A build automation tool for Docker applications.

Keep your project tasks organized, portable, repeatable, and fast with dobi. Define the resources and tasks required to build, test, and release your project in a dobi.yaml and run them with dobi TASK.

See Getting Started

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Key features of dobi:

  • optimal - tasks are only run when the resource is stale. If a resource hasn't changed the task is skipped.
  • portable - all tasks run in a container, so developers are free to use different operating systems and environments.
  • repeatable - tasks are defined in a dobi.yaml so new contributers can get started quickly, and a task will always produce the same results. Variables are supported, but must be explicitly defined, so there's no hidden environment variables that could change the behaviour of a task.
  • organized - tasks can be chained together using an alias resource to produce entire workflows like test or release, which may involve multiple independent tasks.
  • dependencies - tasks can depend on other tasks using depends. When a task is run, its dependencies are checked first, and run if they are stale.


The one liner:

curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/dobi "https://github.com/dnephin/dobi/releases/download/v0.11.1/dobi-$(uname -s)"; chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dobi

For a Windows binary, and more install options, see Install


See Examples


See Documentation


dobi is still in early development. If you'd like to contribute, please open an issue, or find an existing issue, and leave a comment saying you're working on a feature.