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EXE to VBS converter in Python

The purpose of this script is to convert an EXE (or any other binary file) into such a format that

  • the original binary file can be restored on a vanilla Windows box and
  • the resulting file contains printable characters only.

It can be useful especially for penetration testing purposes, when executable code needs to be entered into a system either via some dumb bindshell or using emulated keyboards (USB HID, PS/2).

I solved the problem using VBS (Visual Basic Script) that makes it possible to perform base64 decoding without any dependencies after a fresh install. Many prefer using debug for this task, but that's limited for 64kbytes, and requires hex characters, which requires 2 or 3 bytes for every input byte (with or without spaces), whereas base64 requires only 4 bytes for every 3 input byte (100% vs. 33% overhead).


$ python input.exe output.vbs


  • Python 2.6 (tested on 2.7)


The script is under MIT license.


The script tries to compress the output as best as it can, using the compress_vbs function. This simple compressor collects all symbols from the input file, renames variables to one character length identifiers and resolves all constant expressions. It's really primitive, was only tested on the base64.vbs template provided in the repository, so don't rely on it as a general VBS minifier.