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USBpwn Windows host

The purpose of this program is to send any (text or binary) file using the LEDs on the keyboard (Num, Caps and Scroll lock). It uses standard C and Win32 API calls and can be run without administrative privileges. The protocol used is the following, implemented in send_frame:

  • the Num and Caps lock state is set to the first two bits to send (in this order)
  • the Scroll lock is turned on
  • the program waits for a newline
  • the Scroll lock is turned off

In other words, Scroll lock is used as a "clock signal", and at raising edge, the two other LEDs can be sampled for data. The newline (that can be achieved by the Enter/Return key) is the acknowledgement signal, making the protocol fully synchronous. For example, sending the bits 1101 can be done in the following way:

   NUM ____/
  CAPS _______________________/
                ______            ______
SCROLL ________/      \__________/      \_____

                  01                11

Bits are sent from LSB to MSB by send_byte, n bytes are sent from 0 to n-1 by send_bytes. The main program sends the length of the transmission in bytes using ASCII characters, surrounded by two dashes (--) before the raw data.


> host filename.bin


As only standard APIs are used, any decent C compiler can be used. The Makefile takes care of dependencies, you just have to set the compiler used, if you'd like to cross-compile, like me. For example, I used the following commands to compile it under Debian Wheezy:

# apt-get install mingw32
$ CC=i586-mingw32msvc-gcc make


The whole project is under MIT license.