This is the repository for the code from the Intro to Ionic workshop that presented at the 2016 Prairie.Code() Conference.
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Intro to Ionic Application

This is the project that was constructed and demoed at the 2016 Prairie.Code() Conference in Des Moines, IA and 2017 Indy.Code() Conference in Indianapolis, IN by Doug Niccum.

This project is open-sourced and available any further development and/or cloning.

Project dependencies

Regardless of operating system, you will need the following dependencies:


  • XCode (with all available updates)
  • XCode Command Line Tools.


To Build This Project

  1. Clone this repository and enter the directory with cd intro-to-ionic-app
  2. Install all of the NodeJS dependencies with npm install
  3. Add the platform specific Cordova plugins with ionic platform add ios and/or ionic platform add android
  4. Ensure that the correct hooks are in place with ionic prepare
  5. Build the project with ionic build ios or ionic build android