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My Community

##Abstract Solve any community problem in the city using crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding

##Solution 1. Creating Issue

  • User sees garbage lying around
  • Creates an issue from the application (with photo, description, location and fund he wish to give)

2. Funding Issue

  • People see the list of issues around him
  • People open the issue and add fund (to support the resolution of the issue)

3. Taking up Issue

  • Agencies or cleaners who are motivated, can take up the issue from the application
  • Once an issue is taken up, notifications are sent to the creator and funders of the issue
  • These issues will be listed under Active Tasks menu in his account
  • He can track this issue and keep updating it with pictures and proof of removing the garbage from the location and safe disposal.

4. Verification of Resolution

  • Once the clearner submits the proof for verification, notifications will be sent to the creator and funders of the issue for verification.
  • Once the resolition of the issue is verified, the cleaner is notified with a message to collece the fund