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Due to various obligations, I no longer maintain this project. For the latest version, please visit:


Intralattice is a collection of generative CAD components for Grasshopper, used to generate solid lattice structures within a 3D design space. It was developed as an extensible, open-source alternative to current commercial solutions. This is an early Beta version.

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Core Components

The generative process is divided into the following modules.

  1. CELL - Defines a unit cell topology.
  • PresetCell - Library of built-in unit cells
  • CustomCell - Input for user-defined unit cell (includes validation)
  1. FRAME - Generates a lattice frame by mapping the unit cell topology to a design space.
  1. MESH - Generates solid mesh of the lattice frame.
  1. UTILS - Extra components for pre/post-processing.

Core Data

Many of the relevant algorithms, and data structures, are encapsulated in the following classes.

  • UnitCell - For constructing/validating unit cell.
  • Lattice - For lattice wireframe mapping.
  • ExoMesh - For solid mesh generation.
  • EndoMesh - Coming soon