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McDowell CV

This repository features a LuaLaTeX version of a convenient CV class and a template showing it usage. The template design was originally proposed by Gayle L. McDowell at http://www.careercup.com/resume.

The class is based on article class. The paper format is set to U.S. letterpaper by default.

Class Options

  • calibri - sets calibri as the main font. Otherwise the default font is Times New Roman since version 1.1.0.


The class features the following commands:

  • \name{name} - defines the applicant's name to be printed by \printheader.
  • \address{address} - defines the applicant's address to be printed by \printheader.
  • \contacts{contacts} - defines the applicant's contacts to be printed by \printheader.
  • \makecvheader - prints the CV header consisting of the name (see the \name command), address (see the \address command) and contacts (see the \contacts command).


  • \begin{cvsection}{sectionname} - prints a section with a header consisting of the name in bold small caps and a page-wide horizontal line below.
  • \begin{cvsubsection}[linesnum]{left}{center}{right}{content} - prints a subsection with header consisting of the left, center and right titles. The optional linesnum argument defines the amount of lines in the header. The argument only affects the vertical spacing between the environment header and content thus eliminating the effect of tabu package vertical spacing bug.