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All of our contributions flow through GitHub.

Write an article

Interested in writing an article for Perhaps you want to get the word out about your new startup, provide a tutorial on your favorite module, or have community news to share. This document is for you.

You can propose an article as a GitHub issue, or simply send up a pull request. Inside the repo, you can run the make new target and you'll be led through the questions to set up your initial article template:

% make new

You can then check your article by starting a local server (using Hugo 0.59 and no other version):

% make start

Once you submit your article, an editor will help guide it to its final form.

Don't know what to write about? See our article on how to find a topic.

Check out our first time author tutorial to understand our contributor process. Our Style Guide describes our standards and has tips to make your articles better. For the most part, your article should look and read like other articles.

Fix a problem

Since we've moved to GitHub, it's easy for you to fix problems you find, whether that's a simple typo to adjusting code for new interfaces.

You can edit files directly in GitHub, which will automatically fork our repo and send a pull request.

For big edits, you might want to raise a GitHub issue before you spend too much time on it.