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#General Prompt for DNN is a command line interface that makes administration of DNN sites more efficient. Prompt for DNN requires DNN version 9x and above.

Getting Started

Download prompt from this repository on GitHub DNN Prompt. Install Prompt into DNN just as you would any other extension. Upon installation Prompt becomes visible in the persona bar on the left-hand side of the screen and is only visible to host users. Click the prompt logo ( > ) and the prompt interface expands. Type 'help' in Prompt to get started

Initial Prompt screen with 'help' inputted

If You Cannot Locate Prompt After Installation

If you hover your mouse below the Settings button (the gear icon) on the Persona Bar you'll see an empty placeholder. That is the Prompt button. Prompt is currently in the Alpha release phase. It is being written to be incorporated into DNN Core. Because of this, the installation cannot create an icon on the Persona Bar itself. To install the icon, follow the manual installation steps.

Prompt Commands

Help will give you the list of commands you can enter. There are various types of commands which are grouped by section below. This page will be updated when new commands become available.

Prompt Help Commands

Prompt Command Types:

Command History

Prompt also remembers your history of commands (unless you clear them). To access your previous commands simply press the Up arrow on your keyboard.

Prompt Command History

Overview Video

For a brief video overview check out the below video

DNN Prompt Overview Video

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