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Android App – Points of Interest


The purpose of “Points of Interest” is to let users retrieve their points of interest data stored on Evoq Liquid Content through API and view them on Android device. Editing/creating points is not supported at this moment.

Technologies Used

The following technologies are going to be used in this tutorial:

  • Liquid Content APIs from Evoq
  • Android SDK
  • Android Virtual Device
  • React Native framework by Facebook
  • React Native Map component by Airbnb


Architecture ContentType ContentItem


Step 1

Open Android Studio

Step 2

Create a new Android Studio project or open an existing project

Step 3

Open AVD Manager under Tools > Android and add new virtual device if you don’t have any (clicking the green action button to start device) Screenshot1 Screenshot1

Step 4

Open the project folder in Windows Explorer

Step 5

Update your Liquid Content API Key and API endpoint to “app\lib\api.js” Screenshot1

Step 6

Update your Google API Key to your manifest file “android\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml” Screenshot1

Step 7

Open Command window from project root folder (Ctrl + Shift + Right Click) and run “npm install” to download libraries

Step 8

Run “react-native run-android” to test app in virtual device Screenshot1

Step 9

Prepair some test data in Evoq Screenshot1

Create some Content Types each one should have the following fields,

  • Name
  • Description
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Screenshot1 Create some Content Items for each new Content Type (title MUST starts with “My” because of hardcoded in source code), Screenshot1 Sample data looks like this, Screenshot1

Sample Data

My Restaurants Latitude/Longitude: 49.170521/-123.139655 49.170374/-123.1355193 49.172233/-123.1368873

My Parks Latitude/Longitude: 37.549718/-122.3187867 37.542538/-122.323486 37.524598/-122.3222497

My Gas Stations Latitude/Longitude: 49.159704/-122.6685667 49.162793/-122.6417877

My Schools Latitude/Longitude: 49.1254401/-122.7211709 49.129119/-122.7068587

My Stores Latitude/Longitude: 49.120044/-122.6579707 49.119559/-122.6673907 49.120092/-122.6685277

My Banks Latitude/Longitude: 49.106491/-122.7368497 49.104967/-122.7410877 49.105831/-122.7374507


As can be seen from above, it’s very easy to build and React Native Android app using Evoq Liquid Content. All that’s needed is step 1 through step 9.