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@ohine ohine released this May 1, 2019

Release Notes for v9.3.2

We'd like to first thank everyone from the community who has submitted pull requests or reported issues. A grand total of 28 pull requests by 9 contributors were processed for this release. Out of that 12 were in the Platform repository, plus 16 additional pull requests were processed in the Admin Experience repository. Below you can find a short list of the noteworthy changes in this release. For a full list, please check the GitHub milestone pages on each of the repositories.

Noteworthy Changes in v9.3.2

  • Added a placeholder to avoid the delayed slide effect when loading the PersonaBar. Thanks @daguiler #789
  • Security Analyzer: display the full path to make it easier to find suspicious files identified. Thanks @zyhfish #396
  • Digital Assets: Azure folders are slow to open. Thanks @mikebigun #2698
  • Fixed an installation issue on lower performance database servers. Thanks @daguiler #2645 and @valadas #2746
  • Uses source-map for webpack config. Thanks @valadas #797

List of Contributors for v9.3.2

Known Issues

  • #2742 - The ability to localize the default site into various languages at initial installation is currently non-functional. This is due to issues in the remote data-service provided by Dnn Corp. We are working to try and get these issues resolved and under a community maintained resources provided by the .NET Foundation.

Additional Resources.

Is this your first time installing or upgrading DNN? If so, you can find some help with the installation and upgrade wiki articles. If this is your 100th time upgrading DNN, maybe review the guides and submit a few changes!

Release Notes from v9.3

For clarity, we are restating the release notes from v9.3 here.

  • NuGet Package Improvements. Thanks @mitchelsellers #2600
  • Enhanced the common tooltip component for accessibility within the Admin Experience. Thanks @valadas #212
  • Updated all React.Common packages to React 16 and created initial storyboards. Thanks @mtrutledge #153
  • Group Privacy Settings in Site Settings in a new tab. Thanks @donker #99
  • Enabled Greenkeeper on the Admin Experience repository. This updated all of our developer dependencies to their latest releases as-of Nov 5th 2018. We will continue to process the greenkeeper pull requests in future releases to keep things current. Thanks to @valadas, @mtrutledge, @nvisionative, @mean2me, @daguiler, @mikebigun, @Mhtshum and the rest of the team for all the long hours and 29+ pull requests to repair all the compilation and usability issues related to the major version changes between these dependencies. #117
    • We ran into an issue with Greenkeeper and had to disable it during the initial RC. We will be setting up a similar service called dependabot in the v9.4.0 release scheduled for later this year.
  • Added Cookie consent and configuration settings for Terms and Privacy pages. Thanks @donker #2369
  • Added UI connector to manage Google Analytic tracking. Thanks @mikesmeltzer #2288
  • Performance fix for CoreMessaging and Journal procedures. Thanks @ChrisHammond #2342
  • Performance & stability fix for Azure & other Environments. Thanks @cameron-moore #2032
  • On hover, we are now showing the pane name again when in edit mode. Thanks @zyhfish #19
  • Added attributes for improving accessibility in the Admin Experience. Thanks @OllyHodgson #36
  • Added UI for Small and Large Page Icons back into Page Settings. Thanks @valadas #111
  • Added UI for Host Email setting under SMTP Configuration. Thanks @valadas #39
  • Added Azure DevOps to React.Common to verify pull requests and publish new releases of the npm packages. Thanks @ohine and @mtrutledge
  • Resolved issue with viewing/editing user profiles on certain pages with http/https differences. Thanks @mean2me #2494

Known Potential Breaking Changes in v9.3+

For clarity, we are restating the breaking changes from v9.3 here, as if you have not yet upgraded to 9.3.0 or later, they still apply.
If you currently use any 3rd party or in-house Persona Bar extensions which utilize the export bundle from the Admin Experience, they will need to be updated after upgrading to v9.3. Please see the Upgrading Persona Bar Components Guide by Matt Rutledge to help you with that process.

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