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@valadas valadas released this Nov 12, 2019 · 47 commits to development since this release

Release Notes

We'd like to first thank everyone from the community who has submitted pull requests or reported issues. A grand total of 37 pull requests by 14 contributors were processed for this release.

Noteworthy Changes in v9.4.2

Known issues

  • It appears we might have an unwanted breaking change in DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.FriendlyUrlProvider.FriendlyUrl see #3289 If you have modules that use this API you may need to recompile them adding a reference to DotNetNuke.Abstractions.dll or wait for a resolution on this issue.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated default portal template so it provides default permissions on portal folders. Thanks @SCullman #3024
  • Fixed an issue where site settings where not working after setting up "PRIVACY" section on multi language sites. Thanks @donker [#3031] (#3031)
  • Fixed an issue where sending multiple emails with attachments would fail. Thanks @david-poindexter #3039
  • Fixed an issue where the validation of alphanumeric characters for password requirements was wrong. Thanks @tingung #3059
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to remove a site logo. Thanks @youngcaseho #3119
  • Fixed issue where vocabularies would cause an infinite loop. Thanks @berkarslan-xo #3123
  • Fixed an issue where users could not verify their account if they lost their original account verification email by adding a resend verification link to the unverified account message. Thanks @zyhfish #3144
  • Prevents creation of blank role group names. Thanks @youngcaseho #3170
  • Fixed a memory leak issue with web api modules. Thanks @ahoefling #3192
  • Fixed an issue where module settings dialog could not be opened if urls where converted to lower case. Thanks @zyhfish #3208


  • Usernames are no longer changed to the emails when the settings required the email as username. Thanks @mikebigun #2625
  • Added a warning during install/upgrades that .Net Framework 4.7.2 is required if not present. Thanks @valadas #3032
  • Added a tooltip to indicate to use about 60 characters for best SEO on site descriptions. Thanks @Tychodewaard #3126
  • Remove Thread Cancellation from OAuthClientBase Implementation. Thanks @ahoefling #3152
  • Created INavigationManager to replace Globals.NavigateURL to use Dependency Injection. Thanks @ahoefling #3160
  • Improvements with module permissions when copying modules. Thanks @mikebigun #3162
  • Whitespace is now properly visible in the log viewer. Thanks @bdukes #3198
  • Removed "No Search Results" display before any search is performed. Thanks @dinesh-jain-aurea #3203
  • Improved install process to use managedPackage for library dependencies. Thanks @donker #3221
  • Made navigation stays on same page after creating a new group instead of redirecting to the group page (makes it faster to create multiple groups) Thanks @tingung #3223

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List of Contributors

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Is this your first time installing or upgrading DNN? If so, you can find some help with the installation and upgrade wiki articles. If this is your 100th time upgrading DNN, maybe review the guides and submit a few changes!

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