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Simple, unofficial Map Editor for Mojang's Catacomb Snatch
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Catacomb Snacht Map Editor

Create your own Maps for Catacomb Snatch.


  • Load and save levels directly from the .jar-files
  • Load and save levels to .bmp files to share them with other people

Multi level support

The original version of CS does only support one level - level1.bmp.

The perhaps most frequently used fork by Maescool and Borsty does support multi levels. In order to use it, you have to store your level-bitmaps to ~/.mojam/levels. The game will look there for levels.

If you want to store a new level into the game's .jar file, this level editor will overwrite the existing level1.bmp. Right now there is now way around this, as the levels in the .jar-file are hardcoded. So in most cases, you want to store your levels in ~/.mojam/levels.


  • backup your mojam.jar file, befor you edit it. This script won't do it for you
  • there are no save-before-quit and overwrite-warnings


  • Python2
  • PIL (python-imaging)
  • PyGTK
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