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What to do

Place in this folder: ~/.conky You might need to create this folder first.


  • For the SOAP client: python-suds or python2-suds (depending on your distribution)



  • Edit ~/.conkyrc
  • Add some lines like these:
${font size=11:italic}${color slate grey}Fußball EM 2012 ${hr}${color }${font }
${texeci 60 python ~/.conky/}
  • If you use a distribution with Python3 as default, you need to replace 'python' with 'python2' in the command above
  • Notice: This way conky will call the script every 60 seconds
  • If the file was empty before, do not forget to add the TEXT line to tell config and content apart:

${font size=11:italic}${color slate grey}My league ${hr}${color }${font } ${texeci 60 python ~/.conky/}

Configure leagues

  • Visit "openligadb" and search for your league.
  • There should be an "info" column with the following fields:
    • Liga-Id: 848
    • Liga-Shortcut: bl1
    • Saison: 2015
  • Edit
  • Change LEAGUE_NAME, LEAGUE_SAISON and LEAGUE_ID corresponding to the values of your league


  • Sometimes conky will not show any results after running the script. Just wait for the next update in case.
  • Depending on your conky-configuration some letters might be truncated