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A gnome-shell extensions allowing you to arrange windows with a keystroke.


  • KP_1 bottom left
  • KP_2 bottom
  • KP_3 bottom right
  • KP_4 left
  • KP_5 centre / middle
  • KP_6 right
  • KP_7 top left
  • KP_8 top
  • KP_9 top right
  • KP_Enter move window to next monitor
  • KP_0 initial position

In order to cycle through different window-sizes, just press a hotkey multiple times. Example: Pressing KP_1 three times will arrange the current window to the top left corner with different sizes.


This extension overwrites most of the "run_command_X"-keys in "/apps/metacity/global_keybindings/".