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2010-12-12 Deployment setup.
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3 title: accepting applications!
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8 <p>Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a bit late. But the fact remains, the tightly moderated web directory is accepting applications for editors. Something I guess they haven't been doing for quite a while. So why would you apply?</p>
10 <p>Well, this is why I did it:</p>
12 <ol>
13 <li><strong>Increase your industry knowledge.</strong><br />
14 This is a big reason. I applied to become an editor because I want
15 to increase my knowledge within a specific industry and niche. DMOZ is a directory for quality sites and as as editor, you'll be reviewing these sites. You don't even have to Google half an hour to find them - you get them automagically by the DMOZ Santa!</li>
17 <li><strong>Contribute to the community.</strong><br />
18 As I mentioned, DMOZ is a directory exclusively for serious sites with quality content. How do they keep it that way? It's manually moderated, which is very rare. Being accepted as an editor will allow me, and you, to help this directory maintain it's quality. As such, we can help users quickly find trusted content.</li>
20 <li><strong>"I'm a DMOZ editor."</strong><br />
21 Of course, there has to be something in it for <em>you</em>, right? Well, there is. Web people know DMOZ. They know it's a manually maintained and moderated directory. People (well, in general) trust DMOZ. So you see, being able to say that you are a DMOZ editor is a good thing. It shows that you're willing to not just cash in your $300/hr freelance pay but also give back to the "web community".</li>
22 </ol>
24 <p>I guess that to become a DMOZ editor, you need to believe in the web. You need to be passionate about it. Well, I am. That said, it's probably a longshot to apply because it's so popular. But if we feel like it, why not give it a try?</p>
26 <p><a href=""></a> - Just go to "your" category and look for the magic button.</p>
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