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My Dev Notes

This repo contains tips, tricks, and notes that I have found useful.

short URL:

💨 my short scripts

My Most Used Notes

  • -- this file contains lots of Unix commands that I never memorized but got tired of looking up constantly.
  • -- local and remote git commands as well as some Github tips and tricks :octocat:
  • -- Markdown cheatsheet
  • -- general purpose Computer Science notes (data structures, algorithms, cryptography, etc)
  • -- Java/JVM notes including libraries, debugging info, useful resources
  • -- Python tips, tricks, libraries - obviously

Wiki Links


  • IntelliJ -- keyboard shortcuts that make IntelliJ the most productive IDE ever!
  • VSCode -- wiki page for VS Code
  • vim -- keyboard shortcuts and tricks for VIM

📔 more notes and getting started guides are available in the wiki