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Useful Git Commands

Table of Contents

Git tricks

Git command line

  • git log --oneline --graph -- great logging output
  • export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1;git clone ... -- show the verbose output of the git curl

Git usage


  • git init -- initialize a git repo in the current directory (you still need to add and commit the local files)
  • git config -l -- view git configs
  • git config --global http.proxy -- set http proxy in git config
  • git branch -r --contains origin/my_release -- find all remote branches that contain the commits in my_release branch
  • git diff-tree -r --root <SHA> -- see a full diff-tree
  • git svn clone {svn_url} -- clone an SVN repo as a git repository. more info

Remote Repo Commands

  • git clone -o notorigin -- sets the remote to "notorigin"
  • git clone -b branch_name -- clone and checkout a specific remote branch
  • git remote add origin -- set a new remote
  • git remote set-url origin -- change the remote URL for origin
  • git remote update -- update the local repo with remote tracking branches
  • git remote prune origin -- remove stale tracking branches
  • git remote update -- update branches from remote repos. Use this if you don't see you branch using git branch -r
  • git remote -v -- verify new remote
        # origin (fetch)
        # origin (push)

Local Repo Commands

  • git branch -r -- view available remote branches
  • git branch -vv -- view the tracking branch
  • git checkout --track origin/serverfix -- change the tracking branch
  • git diff --cached -- shows changes in index
  • git rm --cached -- remove file from the index but not working dir
  • git clean -f -X -d -- remove all unstaged files (great for cleaning up after a build)
  • git reset --hard HEAD -- reset your local branch to the HEAD commit (see Git Reset info)
  • git checkout HEAD -- folder1/pom.xml -- reset a single file to the HEAD commit
  • git show-ref -- shows the refs for the repo (still figuring this out)
  • git filter-branch --prune-empty --subdirectory-filter lib master -- split out a sub dir into a repository
  • git reset --soft HEAD~1 -- rollback a commit

Git articles

Git Workflow

Read about the Github Flow

  • git checkout -b dnorton-dev-2 origin/release-1.0.0 -- check out from a remote branch

  • git push -u origin dnorton-dev-2 -- push feature branch to remote repo

  • git pull origin dnorton-dev-2 -- pull feature branch

  • git push origin :dnorton-dev-2 -- delete the remote feature branch (see the git-scm page)

  • Github help: syncing a fork

Git Alias

    hist = log --color --pretty=format:\"%C(yellow)%h%C(reset) %s%C(bold red)%d%C(reset) 
    %C(green)%ad%C(reset) %C(blue)[%an]%C(reset)\" --relative-date --decorate

Git troubleshooting

  • to debug problems with an HTTP proxy set the environmental variable GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1

The ours merge technique to replace master

    git checkout seotweaks  
    git merge -s ours master  
    git checkout master  
    git merge seotweaks  

See reference #7 for more info.

Github Cheatsheet


  5. (great training slides)
  6. (git concepts explained)
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