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Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple's Keyboard Shortcut page

  • Cmd + e -- eject selected disk or volume
  • F4 -- open Launchpad
  • Ctrl + Left/Right -- move between desktops
  • Ctrl + Down -- view all windows for current app
  • Cmd + Shift + 4 -- screen shot a part of the screen (3 for the whole desktop)
  • Fn + i - turn on/off insert

Trackpad Gestures

  • two finger swipe left -- opens Notification Center
  • tap a word with 3 fingers -- look up word in dictionary
  • swipe up 3 fingers -- open Mission Control
  • 3 finger drag -- move a selected item from one place to another on desktop

Terminal Commands


  • sudo rsync -vaE --progress /Volumes/SourceName /Volumes/DestinationName -- copy and include extended attributes. See here for more details


homebrew is the missing package manager for OS X

  • install homebrew:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
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