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Windows Commands

This is just a collection of useful Windows commands

  • where python -- like the Unix which python, locates the installed path to python
  • clear .bat file app association --
  • rmdir /S dir_name -- remove a non-empty directory
  • ctrl + shift + esc -- open task manager
  • if else block with exist -- a gist to check for directory existence in batch script
  • mklink /D nameDir sourceDir -- create a symlink directory named nameDir that points to sourceDir
  • rd nameDir -- remove nameDir directory symlink. must be done first if symlink already exists in mklink above
  • echo %errorlevel% -- echo the status of the previous command. If not 0, there was an error.
  • net user %USERNAME% /domain -- print user domain information (password expiration, etc.)

Windows Utilities

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