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Welcome to the home page of Hedgehog!

What is Hedgehog?

Hedgehog is an alternative to the DSC presenter application which can be used to display real time statistics for DNS traffic.

Hedgehog was initially developed for ICANN by Sinodun IT and is now being released open source under the MPL License. For more on Hedgehog see the About page

See it in action:

Latest release

Update 2018-05-10

2.4.1: The 2.4.1 release of Hedgehog is available - see the NEWS page for more details. The 2.4 release is code named 'Bare-bellied'.

Debian packages are available from ppa:dns-stats/presenter.

Installation instructions are available here Documentation or get the code from the Downloads page.

Product Features

  • The features supported by current releases are documented here: Product Features
  • A roadmap for future development is here: Roadmap


See the Documentation page for installation and user guides.



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