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DNS-STATS Visualizer project homepage

The DNS-STATS Visualizer is a framework for a system which can:

  • Consume DNS traffic data files recorded in Compacted-DNS (C-DNS, RFC8618) format from nameservers. (Files in C-DNS format can be generated by DNS-STATS compactor.)

  • Populate a ClickHouse database with per query/response level data (and additionally aggregate data at a chosen time interval)

  • Produce DSC-like statistics graphs of the recorded traffic in Grafana (see Screenshots).

RSSAC reports can also be made available via the link at the foot of the main Grafana dashboard.

See About for more details.


DNS-STATS Visualizer is an open source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

Latest release

Update 2021-03-03

1.0.0: Is the initial release of DNS-STATS Visualizer

Documentation and Installation

See the PDF Overview and Basic Install Guide for an introduction to the system architecture and instructions on how to do a basic, default install. The Advanced User Guide provides more details on day to day operation of the system and customisation of the installation.

Or download these nicer HTML guides: Overview and Basic Install Guide and Advanced User Guide to view offline (since the GitHub wiki will only show this as raw HTML).

Distribution Packages

Debian packages for the 1.0.0 release are available from ppa:dns-stats/visualizer.